Hyde Park

There are more reports of flasher sightings in the Oakley and Hyde Park area. Cincinnati Police are investigating a report about man exposing himself to a woman in Oakley this morning. The man allegedly pulled his pants down to the woman, then ran off in the woods. Police are still gathering information on the suspect. […]

Plans to privatize Cincinnati’s parking lots and meters are coming under fire from neighborhood groups. Business leaders in Hyde Park, Oakley, and other areas say putting parking in private hands will boost rates and end free weekend parking. The move is under consideration to fill a budget shortfall. Recent Stories: Oh Great, What Did Katt […]

An overnight fire has temporarily closed down all business operations and famed Hype Park eatery Arthur’s Cafe. Cincinnati Fire Department crew were called onto the scene of the busy restaurant just a few short hours ago on Edwards Road at about 3:30AM. Within the hour, the fire had been contained and extinguished. Still under investigation, […]

Sticky fingers and shoplifting caught on camera and Bigg's in Beechmont, but you'll never guess who did it. Details in side.