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In what Washington Post’s executive editor called “outrageous,” two journalists who traveled to Ferguson, Mo. at the height of protests last year to report have…

A new study released by Stanford University has revealed that teachers of all races are more harsh on black children due to overbearing stereotypes. According…

Former Washington Post and Wall Street Journal reporter Ronald Kessler wrote an article in Politico Magazine about Secret Service security concerns that has raised a…

Seriously, if you’re having one of those days or even if you’re not, this little girl’s dance routine will remind you of how unique and special we all are when we follow our own hearts. Read the story and watch the video on Huffimgton Post here

Lest you’re confused: Bishop TD Jakes clears it up. Watch the video and discuss amongst yourselves. This past weekend, during Jakes’ Sunday morning service at his Potters House church in Dallas, the influential spiritual leader set aside a portion of his sermon to address the cast in addition to declaring that he’s “not bling-blinging” and […]

It’s not secret that former child star Miley Cyrus has been trying hard to get people’s attention lately. She has become obsessed with twerking among other things. We aren’t the only ones over her lame attempt to fit into the Hip-Hop culture, Ernest Owens from the Huffington Post wrote an open letter to the pop star addressing her actions. “I want […]

Mitt Romney’s campaign hit an all-time low when he said in a secret video that 47% of President Barack Obama’s supporters are 1. dependent on the government; 2.believe that  they are  entitled to healthcare, food, and housing; and 3. don’t pay taxes.  Additionally, Romney says that  the 47% feel they are victims and even though […]

It feels like we’re going to war. In case you missed this, Republicans, it seems want to make it nearly impossible for “urban” voters to- well vote.   Maybe we can get someone from the Republican party to answer this question.  When 93,000 Ohioians cast ballots during weeknds in the 2008 election, how is that a […]

June is Black Music Month and  Huffington Post takes a look back at some of the most celebrated and stylish  music icons. Watch the slideshow here:

If the story is true, Dr. Christian Head, UCLA professor should have been arrested for opening up a can of whoop-a$$ at the event where he was depicted as a sodomized gorilla during a slide show. I’m not sure I could have witnessed myself being shown in such a disrespectful manner and sat there.  He […]

She said there isn’t enough time or money to make her read a dissertation written by a black  doctoral candidates.  Naomi Schaefer said that black studies is a victimization claptrap and she has no interest in reading  material that blames the white man. Her words were pretty strong. Read for more here:

When you call House Democrats carding-carrying members of the Communist Party you can probably expect some people might have an issue with the statements.  Or maybe you just believe your own hype.  Either way, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) was scheduled  to speak at a fundraiser for his district chapter of the National Association for the Advancement […]