It seems like everyone - including the GOP - is attempting to stop the runaway political train that is Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner. And the last last line of defense for opponents may be the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.


Revoking citizenship rights for those who were born here, even if their parents aren't here legally, would hurl the U.S. back to its racist past.


The 2016 presidential campaign is about to kick into high gear. Thursday night in Cleveland, Ohio, Fox News will air the first Republican presidential candidate…


( Ohio governor John Kasich is calling for a mix of tax cuts and increases to boost the economy. The republican delivered a “state of the state” address last night in Wilmington.Kasich wants to reduce income taxes, and increase them on business revenue and cigarettes. He presented the governor’s award to Mt. St. Joe basketball […]

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Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir Rice and Attorney Benjamin Crump joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the police shooting incident that left her…