In the first installment of “Buttnaked Fridays” comedian Royale Watkins asks if it’s cool for a  grown a$$ man to purchase a single Prince ticket and treat himself to a Prince concert? Those tickets are expensive and if a man can’t find a woman worthy to take why not go dolo? But that’s just our […]

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, there is a new reality show in the works. This show is unlike any other and focuses on the “fabulous lifestyles” of six African American Gay men living in Atlanta, Georgia. Think “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” with men. This new show entitled, “Tha Life”, introduces us to […]

There has been much speculation and commentary on the recent media attention given to a family who’s five-year-old male child has been permitted and encouraged to actively dress as if he’s a girl. Pink dresses, princess costumes worn as daily outfits, bedazzled garments fit for a little girl and more have caught the attention and […]

Marlon Wayans is fed up with rumors alleging that he – or any of his famous brothers – are gay. After a certain blog posted blurry photos of Marlon leaving a club with someone they claimed to be a transsexual, Marlon took to his Twitter account. He had this to say: “Sorry folks, I aint […]

Did Author Reuben Armstrong try to warn us in his 2006 Book "Snakes In The Pulpit"?

Reportedly, the Obama administration has requested a stay for the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" injunction. What does it all mean? Find out inside.

Find out why Morehouse College is enforcing such a strict dress code.

An article featured in this month's issue of VIBE has caused a serious social dilemma after profiling openly gay and cross-dressing member of the student body at the esteemed Morehouse College in Atlanta. Read the article, the responses and more inside now.

Best-selling author Terrance Dean teamed up with television personality, Abiola Abrams, to speak out on the prevention of bullying and gay teen suicide.

You’ve got questions? He’s got answers! Need advice? Send your questions to Terrance:

Find out how two teens struggled to find tolerance and acceptance in their respective communities.