2/17/17- In this edition of Fat Man’s Corner, Lavell Crawford takes you to the Bayou for all of his favorite things. Find out what he puts in his special seafood casserole.

2/14/17- Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Lavell Crawford has a special breakfast sandwich recipe for the lucky person in your life. Listen below.

2/10/17- What kind of food made Lavell Crawford’s daddy leave? You’ve got to hear this!

2/7/17- Racoon? Yes, Lavell Crawford has a thing for racoon. Listen to the funny man’s idea of pairing it with some of your favorite sides.

2/3/17- Funny man Lavell Crawford reveals what kind of Peanut Butter and Jelly food situation he’s craving. Listen below.  

1/27/17- What can’t funny man Lavell Crawford eat this week? You’ve got to hear what he came up with and why even the biggest appetite wouldn’t stand this one.

1/24/17- Lavell Crawford wants you to know there are some things he can’t eat anymore, but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming about his wish list of foods. Listen below!