Daily Praise

In this Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell and GRIFF are asking listeners if biological parents have the right to be directly involved in their child’s life if they’re not around. Much of the time, estranged biological parents, or parents who aren’t in the household, aren’t too keen on the idea of hands-on step-parents or significant […]


Alex Wong/Getty Images 2016. The final year of the first Black president and first Black First Lady in the White House. As we take a look back over the last eight years, the Obama Administration has accomplished a lot, and shaken some things up in order to move this country forward. But we can’t forget […]

Daily Praise

Lakewood Church’s one-day Go Conference for Men was a pit stop where men could refuel, recharge and renew their inspiration in order to get back on track. In a rare and candid chat hosted by pastor and author Phil Munsey on Friday, Lakewood Church senior pastor Joel Osteen and Life.Church senior pastor Craig Groeschel gave […]

They seemed like the perfect American family. No history of violence, no 911 calls generating from their Snellville, Georgia home. Yet, 17-year-old Christian Ervin and…


Author Josh Levs has been standing up for fathers since he fought and won his own battle for paternity leave. From JoshLevs.com: When journalist and fatherhood…


Today on The Lincoln Ware Show, discussions began after local families appeared to talk about their unusual cases with the Hamilton County Job and Family Services representatives which result in major dilemmas in securing custody of their children. Tony Steelwell is among the guests on the show who are struggling to get things back in […]