CINCINNATI –  A man charged with killing his 11-year-old daughter was given a $500,000 bond at his arraignment Monday morning. Officers received a call of a shooting at 800 Delhi Avenue around 3 a.m. Sunday morning. Once on the scene, first responders found Shanti Lanza shot in the chest. Doctors pronounced her dead a short […]

Jose Ramos was caring for the victim and her 7-year-old sister last Friday afternoon at his Paterson home, Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia Valdes said. The children’s mother had left the pair with Ramos while she ran errands, authorities said. Ramos is accused of assaulting the victim in a bedroom in his home. A preliminary medical […]

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An Ohio father may have meant well when he let his 9-year-old daughter get behind the wheel of their family car, but the father-daughter outing…

One might be led to believe that Martha Stewart would be the perfect mom with all kinds of goodies, gifts and glamorous activities around the house. Martha Stewart pictured with her daughter Alexis. (Photo: Getty Images) That might not be true for her daughter Alexis Stewart who is currently on the promo trail with her […]

It’s the trial that’s been on the top of everyone’s “must see” list for most of the summer so far and today, a Florida jury has reached what some consider a shocking verdict with Casey Anthony being found not guilty of murder. Watch the breaking news clips below featuring highlights from the tumultuous and emotional […]

Last week, we reported on a much talked about controversial story that dealt with a mother who had begun giving her young daughter botox injections. The story has hit the Internet and news talk shows with updates on the big controversy spreading like wildfire. Today, the mother is not under much public scrutiny for her […]

We’ve all heard of pushy stage moms who lurk behind the scenes running the show for their little stars in the making, but who ever heard of a mother who’s willing to do anything to make her child rich, beautiful and fabulous with plastic surgery? Think twice because it’s not that rare. In fact, the […]

Multi-talented actor, musician and comedian Jamie Foxx recently was a featured guest on The Gayle King Show. Listen and watch below in the hilarious clip where he tells Gayle how being known for music is different than being known for movies in the world of entertainment. Foxx sings live on the show and explains how […]

Halle Berry and ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry have called a truce in the custody battle over their two-year-old daughter Nahla. According to popeater.com, Halle and her lawyer are sorting out the development in court this afternoon. Last month, the Oscar-winning actress launched proceedings to get full custody of Nahla after claiming she was concerned for her […]

Halle Berry says her daughter is black despite claims that her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry “went nuts” whenever anyone called their daughter Nahla that. The Oscar-winning actress, who is embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her ex, recently sat down with Ebony for the March 2011 issue and discusses motherhood, how she views her […]

Laila Ali, daughter to Muhammad Ali, has announced she is pregnant. Check out details of her expectant bundle of joy inside now.