President Obama endorsed controversial bans on assault weapons on Monday. At a White House Press Conference, the president told press members that he will unveil a comprehensive plan to curb gun violence within days. President Obama admitted that passing an assault weapons ban, through congress, would be difficult. However, Obama is willing to use his […]

A recent poll taken by the group Public Policy Polling found that folks across the country actually like cockroaches — among other disturbing things — more…

The stock market is opening today after yesterday’s bull rally when it learned that congress reached a deal over the “fiscal cliff” crisis. The fiscal cliff deal, however, is leaving many questions unresolved, including how to bring down the government’s trillion dollar deficit. Moody’s investor services is warning congress that it must come up with […]

West Chester Republican, and Cincinnati native, John Boehner is expected to win re-election today as speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. The 113th congress will be sworn in, and organize itself today. Boehner has been thought to be vulnerable from a challenge by tea-party members in the G.O.P. Recent Stories: Cliffhanger: Congress Passes Bill […]

The House of Representatives passed the senate bill that would prevent the country’s economy from “going over the fiscal cliff”. Congress approved the measure with 257 members saying yes, and 167 members opposing the measure. The bill drew 85 votes from Republicans and 172 from Democrats, meaning well more than half of its support came […]

Illinois Congressman bob Rush addressed the Speaker of The House Wednesday morning wearing a tribute hoodie in honor of Trayvon Martin and spoke out against racial profiling. Read the complete story here and take our poll.

After voting on a ban Wednesday evening, the Republican-led House of Representatives sent a clear and bizarre message to Congress that they would stop welfare recipients from using their benefits at strip clubs, liquor stores, and casinos. SEE ALSO: Anita Hill: Obama’s Mortgage Plan A “Quick Fix” Dubbed in the press as the “strip club […]

HBCUs could lose as much as $85 million a year in federal support as Congress looks to make deficit-reducing budget cuts, the Root reports. SEE ALSO: All Eight Sandusky Accusers To Testify But now, just when the country needs HBCUs the most, many in Congress want to slash the federal support HBCUs receive by more […]

While African Americans have had a good deal of success in politics and several mayors, governors and even the current president to show for it, there have only been six senators who were Black. Two came from reconstruction after slavery was abolished and only four have served since then. See Also: Bradley Cooper Named Sexiest Man […]

House Speaker John Boehner took aim at president Obama yesterday, claiming Obama was overstepping his bounds and constitutional authority  by enacting job programs. See also: John Boehner On Occupy Wall Street: ‘I Understand People’s Frustrations’ The Proud Birthplace Of President Barack Obama Boehner  also chided Obama’s new refinancing schemes for student loans and home mortgages, warning […]

Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Schultz, is brewing a strong message to U.S. Government: No debt deal? Fine. Until then, no campaign donations. He has even started a Facebook page to raise awareness of his new movement, and other known business leaders have signed on. To hear more of this story, check out the video below.

Just when you thought it was safe to be an American citizen, the politics of Washington threatens to give everyone a bad credit rating/high interest rates ( Shouldn’t Americans have the right to mess-up our own credit rating?).  On this episode of “After Thoughts”, Dennis Kucinich delivers his plan for debt reduction and,  for those wondering why President […]