The manhunt for Steve Stevens has ended in Erie Pennsylvania with a self inflicted gunshot Tuesday (April 18) – two days after being sought out by locals and police.  Stevens was a wanted man after killing 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. on Facebook Live Easter Sunday in Cleveland Ohio. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! FOX 45 reports: “Steve […]

This is a feel good and awesome story we hope to see touch more people. The man behind the viral Facebook video that stopped two teen boys from fighting each other is now asking LeBron James for more help. See King James was the one who posted the video on his Facebook page that help […]

911 dispatcher Constance Hollinger was suspended for eight days, while William Cunningham, an off-duty officer, was handed a two-day suspension.

Two officers who were involved in the death of Tamir Rice are facing disciplinary charges.

The Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland and the recreation center where Tamir was killed stand just four miles apart, but the space between the priorities of the RNC and the people the sticker represents couldn't be further apart.

Everyone in Cleveland knows that politicians who eat Polish Boys and pierogi — not necessarily at the same time — increase their chances of winning their political races. And their favorite candy? The buckeye, of course! Head east to Philly and politicians better like cheesesteak if they don’t want to be called carpetbaggers. Never mind […]

Sparks could fly at the Republican convention. Here are five things to look for.

The Court of Special Appeals in Maryland, the state’s second-highest court, has ordered another trial and restored charges against a man from Northwest Baltimore who was acquitted in the murder of North Carolina native Phylicia Barnes. The court says Circuit Judge John Addison Howard committed a mistake in January 2015 when he acquitted Michael Johnson of […]

  According to the Cleveland Police Department there was a shooting in the downtown area near the casino after the NBA Championship Parade for the Cavaliers wrapped. Initially it was being said that two women were shot but further reports say that only one teen, 13 years old, was shot twice in the leg.  Reports […]

An Ohio man was awarded $22 million after being beaten and locked in a storage closet by two East Cleveland police officers for four days. Arnold Black was arrested in 2012 for allegedly transporting cocaine in his pick-up truck while traveling through East Cleveland. One of the two arresting officers severely beat Black and took him […]

The child's estate owes $500 for "emergency medical services rendered as the decedent’s last dying expense."

According to a new report, the grand jury in the Tamir Rice case failed to vote on the charges against officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback and is the same panel that decided to not indict the pair.