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The legal fight over the lease of Cincinnati’s parking operations is apparently costing the city about seven million dollars. City manager Milton Dohoney released a memo, yesterday, outlining a change in revenues. The city will receive 85 million dollars upfront by the port authority, because the opponents lawsuit increases the city’s interest rate and reduces […]

Cincinnati’s parking system lease will soon take affect. City manager, Milton Dohoney, signed the 92 million dollar deal with the Port of Cincinnati Tuesday. The deal privatizes the city’s parking meters, garages, and surface lots. Recent Stories: City to Move Forward with Parking Operations Lease As The Streetcar Project Begins, Questions Still Rise Suspect Arrested […]

Cincinnati’s City Manager is warning city council, and opponents of privatized parking, of the drastic cuts coming if the parking deal is not approved. Milton Dohoney wrote a memo to city council, outlining a list of all the budget cuts to take place should they choose not to accept the privatized parking deal. Some of […]

Cincinnati City Council is expected to give city manager, Milton Dohoney, his first raise in five years. Members will vote today on a 9% pay hike, and a $35,000 performance bonus for him. It was also agreed in Wednesday’s preliminary vote, that Dohoney will receive a severance package with 12 months’ salary and a year’s […]