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Cincinnati Public Schools say they accidentally released the names, addresses and bus schedule information for thousands of students. CPS admits they made an error when they inadvertently sent out an email Friday that contained those details for 7,000 kids. Abby is one of the parents who received that email. She told FOX19 NOW her daughter […]

It’s a new year for elementary and high school students in Cincinnati Public Schools, today. Summer break ends with the return to classroom instruction. Mason and Fairfield are among the suburban districts also starting school today. Recent Stories: Grand Jury: Pleasant Ridge Store Manager Killed Robber in Self-Defense Former Disney TV Star Dies at 29 […]

Cincinnati Public Schools will reinstate 53 administrators, who have been put on a layoff notice this spring. Some of the 89 people, who were on the original list retired or quit since March. Click here to read more. Recent Stories: Texas Man in Court for Allegedly Abducting Kids at Kings Island Fmr. Congresswoman Urges Gun […]

Cincinnati Public School officials are working on closing a 5 million dollar budget gap. They have until Monday to eliminate the deficit, that was as large as 11 million dollars before a series of job cuts and school closings. District leaders say layoffs won’t be a part of the final round of reductions. Recent Stories: […]

Cincinnati Public School officials are scrambling to replace police officers who may be pulled from their buildings in the fall. The proposed city budget, released last week, would move school resource officers back to patrol duty to replace dozens of police who would be laid off in July. Cincinnati school officials say their team of […]

The Cincinnati School Board has voted to not reemploy 72 principals and assistant principals in a cost-cutting move. People in the positions affected could be brought back next school year, but with lower pay. Superintendant Mary Ronan said the district is trying to overcome a 50 million dollar deficit due to lower state funding. Recent […]

Cincinnati Public School leaders are disputing a report, accusing the district of shady record-keeping. Superintendant Mary Ronan said, yesterday, the alleged scrubbing of student attendance data was based on a technicality. Ronan says there was no intent to artificially improve the standing of the state’s report card. For more on this story, check out the […]

The Cincinnati Public Schools are in line to receive additional money under Ohio’s new school funding formula. The plan rolled out by Governor John Kasich would pump nearly nine million dollars more into the district next year. Other districts are finding a mixed bag of frozen funds and big payouts under a formula that accounts […]

The Cincinnati Public School’s board of education has voted for an “open-enrollment” policy. Officials say the move will allow them to recover money lost when students, from the city, move to open-enrollment districts in the suburbs. The policy takes effect next school year. Recent Stories: Warren County Deputy Under Investigation for Theft Local Man Jailed […]

The state’s school report cards are a mixed bag for local districts. The Ohio department of education rated a dozen districts, “excellent with distinction”, while 18 other districts were labeled “excellent”. Cincinnati Public Schools was one of 15 school districts to drop one category. The school district was lowered to “continuous improvement”. Click here to […]

The state-wide probe of alleged data fixing, in local school districts such as Lockland, also included Cincinnati Public Schools. District officials say several schools are under investigation, including the closed Quebec Heights elementary. The schools chosen for the investigation were flagged by the Ohio auditor’s office for possible irregularities. Recent Stories: Samuel Jackson To Voters: […]

The Cincinnati Public Schools will give another teacher-evaluation policy a test run this year. The school board approved that policy, yesterday, that grades teachers on a student’s improvement. However it won’t place the results in teachers’ files until next year. Cincinnati’s the first district, in Ohio, that evaluates teachers on academic growth. Recent Stories: Cincinnati […]