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Cincinnati’s city-wide curfew for minors went into effect this past weekend. Following the recent deaths amongst minors that involve gun violence, the police department has decided to put a curfew on the city for anyone under 18. Teens who are under the age of 16 will not be able to be in a public area […]

Cincinnati Police responded to calls about a shooting in Winton Woods onDutch Colony Drive near Strand Lane around 1:18pm on Tuesday March 21st.  Upon arrival police found two victims and are following up to see if a person who checked into Good Samaritan Hospital was also involved in the incident. One person is reported to have […]

  A Black Cincinnati police officer is under investigation by his department for a Facebook post that essentially delivers what is commonly known in the Black community as “the talk.” In the since-deleted post, officer Freddie Vincent urged friends and family to comply with the demands of White officers if stopped “because they are looking for a […]

Cincinnati Police are investigating a shooting that happened in Over the Rhine, early Tuesday morning. Officers say that a teenage male suffered a gunshot wound in the abdomen, after an argument with another male resulted him being shot by the other male. The injured teen was taken to UC Medical Center, where he is expected […]

The Cincinnati Police Department got called out by the Detroit Police Department for the Running Man Challenge and they took it all the way up featuring some of our favorite Bengals & Reds players also featuring the Q-Kidz. Music Mix By: DJ Vader Mixx   TRENDING TOPICS: It’s Official: Black Women Are The Most Educated […]

While we mourn the loss of this spectacular animal, do you believe this warrants an investigation into the family?

Cincinnati police launch an internal investigation of an officer's arrest of a Black man for jaywalking. The man self-recorded the video and claims his rights were violated.

Cincinnati Police say a man, who was shot and killed by officers this week, was packing an airsoft gun. Investigators, Thursday, released a video captured by a witness of the confrontation with Paul Gaston on Harrison Avenue. It shows Gaston complying with officers commands, before he reached into his waistband for the real-looking toy gun […]

Three Cincinnati Police officers are on leave, after they’ve shot and killed a gun-waving suspect. Police say it started, Wednesday, when a drunk 36 year-old man crashed his pickup truck into a utility pole on Harrison Avenue, then waved a gun at bystanders. The officers opened fire on the suspect when he refused to drop […]

Alcohol is likely a factor in a deadly wrong way crash on I-71. Cincinnati Police say Taryn Chin had a blood alcohol level that was nearly twice the legal limit, Wednesday, when she plowed head-on into a car on I-71 South. The crash killed Jose Arenas, who police say he was driving from work. Chin […]

Cincinnati Police will be using data on past crimes to help reduce violence in the city. Eliot Isaac unveiled, Monday, the pivot strategy which identifies locations where violence most often occurs. Officers would be deployed to those trouble spots to disrupt criminal activities. Isaac says people living near those hotspots are being urged to share […]

( Cincinnati Police Interim Chief Eliot Isaac is getting positive reviews after his first meeting with the union leadership, Monday. Isaac met with the fraternal order of police, which was to hold a no-confidence vote before former chief Jeffrey Blackwell was fired. Isaac made one change, Sunday, moving 25 officers from specialty units to street […]