Cincinnati Parking

The legal fight over the lease of Cincinnati’s parking operations is apparently costing the city about seven million dollars. City manager Milton Dohoney released a memo, yesterday, outlining a change in revenues. The city will receive 85 million dollars upfront by the port authority, because the opponents lawsuit increases the city’s interest rate and reduces […]

Cincinnati’s parking lease will be allowed to stand. A Hamilton County Judge denied the opponent’s request to stop the deal yesterday, saying it wasn’t the court’s place to get into the city’s business. Those seeking to block the agreement want city council to vote again because of recent alterations. Click here to read more. Recent […]

A Hamilton County judge will decide today whether Cincinnati’s parking lease can go forward. Critics of the lease asked the courts, yesterday, to block the pact unless city council votes again. They say so many changes were made to the lease by the port authority, that the original plan is invalid.   Click here to […]

Opponents of the Cincinnati parking lease are making their opinions known to officials behind deal. They packed last night’s port authority meeting to question the long term lease of the city’s parking meters and garages, saying it was a money grab that will keep customers away from small businesses. Port Authority officials say the deal […]

A consultant to the City of Cincinnati says the fees involved in leasing the city parking spots to an outside firm are too high. A memo from Walker Public Consultants shows costs are more than double what the city was spending previously. The memo wasn’t given to city council, or the port authority, before the […]

Cincinnati’s parking system lease will soon take affect. City manager, Milton Dohoney, signed the 92 million dollar deal with the Port of Cincinnati Tuesday. The deal privatizes the city’s parking meters, garages, and surface lots. Recent Stories: City to Move Forward with Parking Operations Lease As The Streetcar Project Begins, Questions Still Rise Suspect Arrested […]

Cincinnati officials will sign the controversial parking operations lease as early as tomorrow. A state appeals court denied opponent’s request to block the signing, Monday, paving the way for the city to collect 92 million dollars upfront for the Port of Cincinnati. Some council members are now asking to blow up the lease deal, and […]

Lawyers for the city of Cincinnati are asking a state appeals court to deny a stay on its ruling in favor of the parking system lease. The city filed a motion with that court, Thursday: one day after a lower court was overturned in its favor. Opponents want the issue halted until the state supreme […]

Opponents of the city of Cincinnati’s parking system lease will go back to a state appeals court to try to put the city’s deal on hold. The group wants the Ohio supreme court to take the case, after the court of appeals ruled for the city, Wednesday. The decision could pave the way for the […]

A state appeals court is being asked to allow Cincinnati’s controversial parking system lease to move forward. City officials are hoping the court overturns a Hamilton County judge’s decision, last month, to block the lease until voters can decide its fate in November. The city wanted the lease to take effect now to avoid laying […]

An information blitz is underway to win public support for Cincinnati’s parking system lease. Mayor Mark Mallory and city manager Milton Dohoney say residents won’t face more parking tickets. The port authority will have more control over the operation than in other cities. Voters will have their say in November. Recent Stories: Council’s Solution To […]

There are claims that some of the signatures collected to put Cincinnati’s parking lease on the November ballot are illegal. A group that supports the lease posted a video on Youtube, claiming the petitions left at businesses were signed without witnesses as required. The Hamilton County Board of elections approved the petition signatures last week. […]