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Cincinnati’s parking lease will be allowed to stand. A Hamilton County Judge denied the opponent’s request to stop the deal yesterday, saying it wasn’t the court’s place to get into the city’s business. Those seeking to block the agreement want city council to vote again because of recent alterations. Click here to read more. Recent […]

Cincinnati city council’s looking for ways to avoid drawn out budget battles within two years. They began investigating balancing moves, Tuesday, including spending cuts, new taxes for the city’s public safety and parks departments. City council could also bump up the tax on sports and entertainment tickets. Recent Stories: Ft. Thomas Woman Expected to Survive […]

The second phase of the banks project is in the works. Developers presented plans, yesterday, to Cincinnati City Council for a nine story apartment building with shops and restaurants on the first floor. Council members approved tax breaks to help get the project rolling in December. Recent Stories: Norwood Fire Truck Returns Home, 93 Years […]

Cincinnati’s streetcar project will move ahead with more taxpayer help. City council’s budget committee has approved spending an additional 17 million dollars on the project to cover a construction deficit. Relocation of utility lines are already underway. Recent Stories: Relief at the Pump Coming This Week Prosecutors Seek Murder Charges for Pizza Store Owner Killer […]

Cincinnati City Council will vote today on a budget that spares the city’s safety forces from layoffs. 
Council’s budget committee approved the spending plan yesterday, using cuts of other programs, casino revenue, and furlough days to protect police and firefighter jobs. More than 60 non-safety jobs will be slashed. Recent Stories: Cincinnati Murder Rate Increased […]

Cincinnati City Council’s working on a budget that would keep all police and firefighter jobs intact for the coming year. The plan supported by council’s finance committee would reduce tax increment financing payments and the city’s contingency budget to spare all safety forces jobs. City council has until Saturday to approve this year’s budget. Click […]

Cincinnati City Council’s working under a Friday deadline, to fix the city’s budget while reducing police and firefighter layoffs. Firefighters are watching the debate closely, as there is a plan on the table that would eliminate the threat of layoffs. Recent Stories: WTH? Ohio Parents Busted For Taking Their Six Kids To Sell Crack Taste […]

A new plan to eliminate Cincinnati’s 35 million dollar budget deficit eliminates police and fire layoffs from the equation. Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan’s plan would save every job, but require all city workers to take eight furlough days, and pay more for their health insurance. Council has until next week to decide how to close the […]

A vote is expected by the end of the month on whether to move forward with the Cincinnati Streetcar project. City Council debated the project’s future, yesterday, in the face of a 17 million dollar shortfall. Council members are concerned that higher than expected bids for the project won’t be the only overruns they’re asked […]

Renovations can now begin on Cincinnati Music Hall. City council yesterday approved at 75 year lease to a non-profit group. The city can cancel that lease if that group does not raise 50 million dollars for the project within two years. Recent Stories: Fatal Mt. Airy Shooting Leaves One Dead Local Church Raises Money For […]

It appears Cincinnati residents will vote on the city’s parking system lease this November. A group, opposing the plan, turned in nearly 20,000 signatures yesterday to put the referendum on the ballot. City officials are threatening to lay off police and firefighters without upfront lease funds.Meanwhile, city council is looking for alternatives to those cuts. […]

A prevailing wage requirement for City of Cincinnati contractors will soon be in effect. City Council has voted to require a union wage of $23/hour in order to qualify for city work. Supporters call it a measure to prevent worker exploitation, but critics are worried about additional costs. For more on this story, check out […]