butler county

Butler County sheriff, Richard Jones, has unveiled a school security plan. Jones wants to use retired police officers as substitute teachers. Jones would deputize the retirees, giving them powers to carry guns and make arrests while working in schools. To learn more about this proposal, check out the video above. Recent Stories: State Offers Active […]

This is Ron Maag, he’s a two-term state rep whose district covers parts of Warren and Butler County. To show voters that he’s a strong supporter of gun rights, he held a “Machine Gun Social” this past Saturday. The social took place at the Lake Bailee Gun Club, in Hamilton. Guests could shoot fully automatic […]

Major changes could be coming to Butler County children’s services, because of a recent child abuse case. Shawn and Joanna Blackston are accused of keeping their 12 year-old daughter locked in a basement for two weeks. County commissioner, Cindy Carpenter, says she’s received other complaints of the agency since the arrest. To read more on […]

The number of people sickened from the swine flu, in Butler County, continues to rise. The Ohio Department of Health says the number of confirmed cases is now fourteen. Each of those cases were in contact with pigs at the Butler County fair. The H3N2 virus can not spread from person to person. Recent Stories: […]

The illness outbreak, after the Butler County Fair, is being blamed on the swine flu. Federal health officials have confirmed that nine cases carry a strain of the H3N2 virus, that can be transmitted from pigs to people. More than 40 people have reported getting sick, but nobody’s been hospitalized. Click here to read more. […]

A Wasp is being blamed for a three car crash, that injured six people yesterday near Oxford. Butler County Sheriff’s Deputies say a woman was swatting at the insect that flew into her car. When doing that, she ran into two other vehicles on Oxford Road. Four adults and two children were injured, and were […]

Today is the day Ohioans can begin to early vote for this year's election. We have information for opening hours not only for Hamilton county, but neighboring counties as well.