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Leila Foley-Davis made history in 1973 after she became the first Black woman elected mayor in the United States. Her election predates the election of Doris A. Davis of Compton, Calif., who became the first Black woman mayor of a major metropolitan city later that year. Ms. Foley-Davis was born Lelia Kasenia Smith on November […]


Several key elections across the nation on Tuesday set the stage for a trio of historic mayoral wins for Black candidates. Dr. Karen Weaver (pictured) of…

  Ambassador Andrew Young talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. “Now I think it’s bad if…


Just 16 miles north of Miami, the region where the city of Miami Gardens rests was once viewed as a crime-ridden and run-down. The city’s…

  Stephen K. Benjamin made history as the first Black Mayor of South Carolina and continues to break down many barriers in the growing state.…


ATLANTA — Are Black mayors disingenuously masking their Blackness? Political Correspondent Charles Ellison seems to think so. In an opinion article in The Atlanta Post, Ellison postulates a political thread among Black mayors in which they focus more on solidarity and wholeness to appease their white constituents, as opposed to focusing on economic and education […]


With the rise of Black mayors in the nation — more than 500 to be exact —more provisions could be made to decrease the rate of Black unemployment. The unemployment rate among African-Americans is currently 16.2 percent, as opposed to the national rate of 9.1 percent. Reports: The Black unemployment problem remains the cause […]


Cincinnati officials said they have landed a major convention next month of black mayors from across the country.