Lynn Whitfield stars as Lady Mae in Greenleaf on OWN. The legendary actress talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her role on the show and how the cast decided to handle the story line of her character having an illicit relationship with her father. “I said that maybe this could be a healing […]


In times past, African-Americans have pretended to pass as a white person to avoid harassment and discrimination. The reverse has happened many times as well,(think Rachel Dolezal) as in the case of Rev. L.M. Fenwick, who was a white pastor pretending to be Black. The Fenwick case is curious and not rich in detail, although historians […]

It’s now become a hateful pattern: Six black churches burned in two weeks. Black churches in the South are being intentionally torched and federal authorities…

At what point is it acceptable for black pastors to call women “hoes?” during their Sunday sermons? Today, in some black churches, there is an…


DeJuaii Pace, the daughter of a preacher and member of the Anointed Pace Sisters has revealed to the Root her sexual orientation as a lesbian, the fact that she is a virgin and her struggles with food addiction. Pace will appear on Oprah’s new show “Addicted To Food.” The Root reports: I didn’t tell anyone […]


1230AM WDBZ The Buzz, Black Planet and NewsOne need your help focusing in on the main institution in our community - our churches. Take our poll inside and let us know if you regularly attend services at your local church.


The former mega-church bishop, televangelist, and award-winning gospel recording artist picks up where his previous book ends and continues to raise provocative and controversial questions about God, religion, dogma, doctrine, and faith in his second book, GOD IS NOT A CHRISTIAN, NOR A JEW, MUSLIM, HINDU…: God Dwells with Us, in Us, Around Us, as Us.


A Sunday church service in Richmond, California, erupted into chaos when three gunmen opened fire on congregants, injuring two teens, according to police.