Andy Rooney

NEW YORK — Andy Rooney so dreaded the day he had to end his signature “60 Minutes” commentaries about life’s large and small absurdities that he kept going until he was 92 years old. Even then, he said he wasn’t retiring. Writers never retire. But his life after the end of “A Few Minutes With […]

CBS has just announced that veteran news correspondent Andy Rooney is currently in “stable condition” after serious complications transpired during a minor surgery this past week. The ’60 Minutes’ correspondent resigned from his post on the CBS News show just three weeks ago before turning ill. Rooney remains hospitalized and is under the care of doctors […]

92-year-old commentator and famed on-air personality Andy Rooney has announced formally that he’ll end his legendary post on ’60 Minutes’ on a high note. The announcement of his decision to leave the show comes just as a few other memorable faces such as Oprah Winfrey and Regis Philbin reach their end as American broadcasters as […]