Hal Jackson led the way. He had so many career “firsts” it’s hard to list them all.  Hal Jackson is a little known black history fact and you can read about his accomplishments here on


The club of private college and university presidents earning seven figures is getting less exclusive. Thirty presidents received more than $1 million in pay and benefits in 2008, according to an analysis of federal tax forms by The Chronicle of Higher Education. More than 1 in 5 chief executives at the 448 institutions surveyed topped […]


The first African American to be a division head in the Dept. of State (1945), he entered the United Nations in 1946 as director of the Trusteeship Division. For more information visit our Celebrate Black History page.

In addition to an extensive teaching career at such colleges as DePauw University, which would not offer him a professorship because he was African American, Howard University and West Virginia State College, Percy Lavon Julian made significant discoveries in the private sector. In 1935 Julian developed physostigmine, a drug that is used in the treatment […]