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In today’s Water is Wet News, a Trump supporter turns out to be a horrifically misogynistic person who longs for the day when women knew their place was in the kitchen, not in the workforce.

Former NBA  player Royce White, who, despite what his surname and political affiliations might imply, is Black, made an appearance on right-wing troglodyte Steve Bannon’s online streaming show. During the episode, Bannon wined that “culture war issues” is “code” for “rude, white, rural Christian, heterosexual, male, nationalists that are just focused on their wives being too, too mouthy.”

White, who, according to Raw Story, was spotted wearing a “Trump Won” message on his head during the last Big 3 League games on Sunday night, appeared to agree with, well, whatever the hell Bannon was talking about.

“Yeah, well, look, let’s just be frank. Women have become too mouthy,” White said. “As the Black man in the room, I’ll say that I don’t know whether we’re talking white men or Asian men or Black men or so on and so forth. But no, I mean, I’m serious. And, I mean there—and there was, and the thing that is scary about it — and will I say this …”

While White was apparently crowning himself the official sunken place spokesman for Black men against women who speak up for themselves, Bannon cut the ex-pro basketballer off in order to enlist him as his resident Black friend while he mocked “Black girl magic” like the whiny white nationalist he is.

“Hold on, hold on. Can I officially say, can I officially say that Joy Reid’s ‘Black girl magic’ does not work with Royce White?” Bannon asked. “I just wanna make sure don’t, hey, don’t take it from me.”

“No, no, you know, you’re gonna send me off, you go to Joy Reid and she’s wearing a white woman’s wig, you’re gonna piss me off this afternoon,” White responded (because nothing says “MAGA house negro” like a Black man who responds to a white man’s misogynoir with tap-dancing glee). “I’m having a beautiful day without thinking about that, that scam.”

“But, what I’ll say is,” White continued, “you know, you take an operation like the Rockefeller Foundation and their grassroots fundamental support and sponsorship of the early women’s rights movement and their involvement with the inception of the Federal Reserve and the ability of the Federal Reserve to tax the American working class twice with the insertion of women into the workplace. Now, I know we could look at WWII and say, ‘Hey, women had to step into the workplace because of the war.’ But when you look at the inception of the war, there might have been an economic incentive there as well.”

He also said women in the workplace “have a history” and people like Joy Reid are “banking on the fact that the modern American citizen is too hard up financially, too demoralized spiritually and too busy in their everyday logistics, whether it be with family or kids or God forbid going to the next Brazilian butt lift celebrity doctor to look into the history.”

There are few things more annoying than a half-hotep-half-MAGA moron trying desperately to sound intelligent while giving a fake history lesson for people who think subjugated women represent America’s golden era.

It should surprise absolutely no one that the former Houston Rocket who is not very fond of women who have minds of their own was under investigation for allegedly beating up his then-girlfriend in 2013. This isn’t to say he definitely did it, but he certainly hates women enough that it wouldn’t be shocking if he did.

See how Twitter has reacted to his past shenanigans below.

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