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Childhood sexual abuse is something that many people have unfortunately experienced, yet it’s easily one of the most taboo topics to discuss in public — some find it hard to talk about or simply don’t see themselves as victims altogether.

Many have started to believe New York rapper Jim Jones of popular hip-hop collective The Diplomats may be a member of the latter group after he revealed in a recent interview that his own mother is the one who physically taught him how to tongue kiss as an adolescent.



The shocking revelation happened during a sit-down Jones did with Angela Yee’s sex-positive podcast Lip Service. In the now-viral clip (seen above), the Harlem: Diary Of A Summer emcee tells the Lip Service hosts verbatim that his mother, Nancy Jones, taught him how to tongue kiss when he was younger. When Yee follows up to clarify how she instructed him, Jim went a step further and said, “there wasn’t no instructions [sic]; she showed me with her mouth.”

“Remember, my mom was 17,” he told the show’s hosts to try and explain why she might’ve thought it was okay to show her underage son how to do a sexual act, adding, “she [was] a baby — look at all the babies that’s having babies now.” Many people may remember Nancy from her time as a popular cast member on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: New York and one of its many spinoffs Chrissy & Mr. Jones. Her time on both shows gained her the nickname “Mama Jones” and saw her constantly going head-to-head with Jim’s longtime fiancee, Chrissy Lampkin.

Given the recent news, some have now began assuming the onscreen beef between Chrissy and Mama Jones was ultimately a battle for Jim’s affection on a whole different level.

Jim Jones decided to get ahead of the heavy subject of debate by jumping on Instagram not too long ago (seen above) to denounce any wrongdoing on his mom’s part and play it all off as just a joke. “You people take things way too far,” he said with a slight laugh while addressing his 2.9 million followers, also adding, “that’s weak what y’all are trying to project.”

Based off the comments though, many weren’t too quick to believe him.


Take a look below at some of the many reactions to Jim Jones revealing that his mom, Mama Jones, taught him how to tongue kiss as a child, and let us know if you think it counts as abuse or if it was just innocent bonding between a mother & son:



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1. Jim Jones’ mother always had so much animosity for Chrissy and it all makes sense. She was sexually abusing her own son. And his recollection of it all is that she “taught him how to tongue kiss”. Disassociated.

via @OHeyHoney

2. The worst part about Jim Jones revealing that his mom “taught him how to tongue kiss” is that he doesn’t even realize he’s a victim

via @xoraveen

3. Jim Jones really responded like “y’all mama ain’t kiss you in the mouth?!” No, baby. This ain’t right.

via @ConsciousFilth

4. I’m not surprised at Jim Jones saying his mom taught him how to tongue kiss. That woman acted like she wanted to fuck her son. That one embarrassing moment when Chrissy proposed to Jim and Nancy threw a fit & stormed out as if she was the one who should’ve proposed to Jim.

via @_romeko

5. Learning that Jim Jones momma taught him how to French kiss explains SO MUCH about her behavior on Love & Hip Hop. So much.

via @_theeunicorn_

6. There is nothing funny about Jim Jones (the rapper) announcing that his mother taught him how to tongue kiss by actually tongue kissing him. It’s abusive & inappropriate. This is also why people don’t take male victims seriously because of stigmas & ignorance.

via @HotCommieGal

7. i could’ve went my whole life without hearing Jim Jones say his mama taught him how to tongue kiss

via @blackbombsheII

8. These rappers are dumb. Jim Jones really… at this big age bragged that his mother taught him how to tongue kiss and he said it with glee, pride & joy and didn’t think anything was wrong with it

via @shawnallenlive

9. Jim Jones saying his momma taught him how to tongue kiss is very on brand. Y’all never wanna talk about these women that raise sons to be their husbands. That’s why that lady hated Chrissy so much. She stole her man.

via @LaceLuxe1

10. How Jim Jones mom was teaching him how to kiss

via @UptownDC_Rich