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The debate of your significant other having an OnlyFans isn’t just reserved for the common man but for former No.1 NBA draft picks, too.

Joe Smith, the retired NBA player, is currently punching the air as he just found out that his wife, Kisha Chavis, has an account on the platform known for hosting adult content and allowing performers to connect with their followers.

In a video that made the rounds on social media this weekend, Chavis explains to Smith why she signed up.

“I have an OnlyFans page, and he’s mad because he’s just now finding out about it,” she begins.

Chavis downplays her OnlyFans account because she’s performing solo and not bringing anyone else into the mix, touting “my body my choice” as he berates her.

“I have mad jobs, but they’re not facilitating everything that needs to be done, so I got something extra. OnlyFans be breaking me off,” she says before a brief back and forth until he leaves the room. “Whatever. I’ve been doing what I have to do. Period. Like that’s the bottom line.”

Smith seems less upset that she has an account and more annoyed that it wasn’t a discussion in their household before she launched it.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here finding out you got an OnlyFans all these years. Disrespect– that you couldn’t even talk to me about it,” Smith said.

Chavis was right in that she does have several jobs, and she’s also got some reality TV experience after starring in Say Yes To The Dress, which documented their 2018 nuptials. Her Instagram account also mentions that she’s an entrepreneur, activist and singer under the name Kyss Major.

Smith was the first pick in the 1995 draft after getting nabbed by the Golden State Warriors. His hype came after he was named College Player of the Year after he dominated his two seasons at Maryland, even averaging 20 points his sophomore season.

His NBA career saw him bounce around the league to other teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Chicago Bulls before hanging it up in 2011 after a stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The journeyman was able to rack up a hefty $61 million over his 16-year career, but as if in 2018, he’d blown it all and lived paycheck to paycheck.

“A lot of people think once you sign that contract, you’re just an automatic millionaire,” Smith told Alex Rodriguez during an episode of CNBC’s Back in the Game. “But it doesn’t work like that. Nobody really explained that and broke that down to me, that Uncle Sam, out of that $3 million, Uncle Sam is going to take probably $1.5 [million] of that. That was just something I had to learn.”

So there’s no telling if his uproar about his wife’s OnlyFans page is manufactured to get more subscribers on the page or if he’s genuinely upset.

See how X is reacting to the news below.

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