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Bill Cosby Comes Out Of His Home To Talk To The Press With His Attorneys After Being Released From Prison In Pennsylvania

Source: Splash News / Splash News

Bill Cosby‘s triumphant release from prison on Wednesday stood in stark contrast to his physical appearance as the first photos following his overturned conviction for sexual assault showed the disgraced comedian looking frail and not saying a word.

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He officially broke his silence in the form of a tweet that doubled down on his repeated insistence that he is innocent.

“I have never changed my stance nor my story. I have always maintained my innocence,” Cosby tweeted Wednesday evening. “Thank you to all my fans, supporters and friends who stood by me through this ordeal. Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the rule of law.”

Cosby served more than two years of a three to 10-year sentence.

Images and video of Cosby arriving at his palatial estate in suburban Philadelphia showed the 83-year-old appearing to be subdued, or at least less animated than he previously was during court dates and other public appearances leading up to his conviction in 2018.

Cosby had to be helped walking with a person holding each of his arms as he and his representatives and legal team held a brief press conference outside of his home in the town of Cheltenham. While members of the media repeatedly asked Cosby questions, they were all answered by his representatives who said he was exhausted and looking forward to being reunited with his wife and the rest of his family.

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Aside from waving from his car and holding up a peace sign following the press conference, Cosby remained quiet.

Still, the ambiance was one of joy and elation, as evidenced by Cosby and his reps and lawyers exchanging high fives and other forms of congratulations — a stark contrast from the reaction by his accusers, who described his release and overturned conviction as a miscarriage of justice.

Cosby has always maintained his innocence despite admitting under oath during a deposition that he would occasionally use quaaludes to drug women and render them nearly or completely unconscious before he would grope and sexually assault them. A district attorney in Pennsylvania promised Cosby immunity from any criminal prosecution if he was voluntarily deposed. But that district attorney’s successor did not honor the agreement and charged Cosby with aggravated sexual assault just days before the 10-year statute of limitations was set to expire. After Cosby’s first trial ended with a hung jury, he was retried in a case that included the previously excluded contents from the deposition — evidence that ultimately helped convict him in 2018.

However, after reviewing the case since last December, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the deposition — which allowed multiple accusers to testify against Cosby in court — should have never been admitted in court, a decision that immediately overturned the conviction. The ruling ensures that Cosby will not have anymore retrials in the case. The full court document can be read here.

In the meantime, keep reading to find the first photos of Cosby since he was released from prison after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his conviction for aggravated sexual assault.

First Photos Of Bill Cosby Surface After Prison Release From Overturned Conviction For Sexual Assault  was originally published on newsone.com


Source:Splash News

Bill Cosby faces the press outside of his home in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania following his release from prison and overturned conviction for aggravated sexual assault.



Attorney Jennifer Bonjean, Bill Cosby and spokesperson Andrew Wyatt greet the media outside of Bill Cosby’s home.


Source:Splash News



People protesters outside of Bill Cosby’s home in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, following his release from prison and overturned conviction for sexual assault.


Source:Splash News

Bill Cosby is congratulated by representatives, lawyers and friends outside his home.


Source:Splash News


Source:Splash News



A view from outside of Bill Cosby’s home in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania.


Source:Splash News

Protesters outside of Cosby’s home.


Source:Splash News


Source:Splash News

Bill Cosby arrives at his home after being released from prison following the overturning of his conviction for aggravated sexual assault.


Source:Splash News


Source:Splash News



A view from outside of Bill Cosby’s home in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania.



Members of the press and police are shown outside of Bill Cosby’s home after he was released from prison.