TALLAHASSEE — President Barack Obama has problems in Florida that he didn’t have when he won the prized state in 2008. The state’s economy is worse than elsewhere. Foreclosures are high. Property values are low. As president, Obama could be blamed. Voters’ shifting attitudes show the degree to which the atmosphere has changed since his […]

A recent report suggests that senior citizens will not be retiring anytime soon. Americans in lower-income brackets will need to work as old as 85-years old to survive financially, according to a study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. The Huffington Post Reports: Only by retiring at 75-years old would a majority of those in […]

CHICAGO — Chicago’s Black population has plummeted, losing 17 percent, while the latino population has gained 25,000 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. U.S. congressman Danny Davis says “the Black” is slipping away. With the decline of African Americans in the city, Hispanics have taken rise with a 3.3 percent increase in population. According […]

DENVER —Michael B. Hancock has been elected the new mayor of Denver. Hancock served two terms as Denver City Council President and was the youngest CEO of an Urban League chapter in the country. The Root reports: Hancock, who was raised by a single mother, grew up in abject poverty with nine siblings. Despite his […]

COURTESY OF THEBEATOFPHILLY.COM It seems like celebrity scandals involving trannys are at an all-time high, so it’s only right that Star & Buc Wild give you their top 5 take on how to tell if your favorite celebrity is into chicks with a little something extra. Take a listen and tune in to Star & […]

A study done by the Oakland Institute claims that wealthy investors from the US and Europe are buying up large amounts of land in Africa, forcing thousands of people out of their homes. Huffington Post reports: In addition to hedge funds and speculators, several American universities, including Harvard, Vanderbilt, and Iowa universities, are also providing […]

Jeri Tolliver having some fun after the show with today’s featured guests – Kenya Duke and Michelle Hopkins. Today, on The Lincoln Ware Show it was all about the female perspective on a variety of hot topics, news headlines and juicy gossip found on TheBuzzCincy.com. Jeri Tolliver (program director, 1230AM WDBZ The Buzz) was joined […]

Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton won big at the Country Music Television Awards this week, but Shania Twain stole the show. You might be thinking it was with her signature southern vocals, but instead it was because of the less-than-glamorous fall that occurred during the ceremony. Check out the video clip below to find out […]

An article on The Grio discusses the steady decline of Black homeowners and how the problem is likely to get worse before it gets better. Since figures peaked at around 50 percent during the brighter economic times of 2006, the number of Black homeowners has now fallen to 44.8 while the nation’s overall rate is […]

Altovise Collier, a 25-year-old beautician from New York, is claiming that the spa she was employed by, “Completely Bare,” discriminated against her by verbally harassing her, paying her less than her white co-workers, and firing her because she was Black.

In a recent appearance on the “Glenn Beck” show, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain stated that Muslims seeking positions in his administration would have to take an additional oath to gain his trust. Citing his belief that the Muslim faith is more dangerous than other religions, Cain expounded that followers of Islam would need to […]

As absurd as it may seem, there is much complexity in being both Black and a critic of President Obama. As our nation’s first African American president, Obama carries a historical eminence in the Black community. For most, he appears to be an untouched, can-do-no-wrong figure that represents the progression of a race. Many Blacks […]