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Jasmine Crockett called Marjorie Taylor Greene's comments about her "fake eyelashes" racist, and white people called Crockett "ghetto." The post Jasmine Crockett Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Racist’ While Racist White People Call Crockett ‘Ghetto’ appeared first on NewsOne.

A judge ruled that Darrell McClanahan, who admitted to being an "honorary" KKK member, can stay on the Missouri GOP ballot for governor. The post Judge Rules ‘Honorary’ KKK Member Can Remain In Missouri Governor Race As GOP’s Klan Problems Continue appeared first on NewsOne.

Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win "Strive To Be Great"

NFL Cheerleaders have to follow some unusual or unconventional rules. Rules that dictate various aspects of a their life, from appearance to behavior both on and off the field. Some cheerleaders may enjoy the standard they are held to but others may seem that it could be asking too much. Go ahead and ask yourself, […] The post Weird Rules NFL Cheerleaders Have To Follow appeared first on 93.5 / 107.5 The Fan.