According to WFAA, multiple witnesses claim Aqib Talib was the one who started the brawl after a dispute with the referees. The post Aqib Talib’s Lawyer Denies Ex-NFL Star Started Deadly Youth Football Brawl That Led To Brother’s Murder Charge appeared first on NewsOne.

Pastor Carlton Funderburke of Church at the Well in Kansas City, Missouri, apologized for mocking his congregation for not buying him an expensive watch. The post Kansas City Pastor Carlton Funderburke Apologizes For Video Of Him Mocking ‘Broke’ Congregation appeared first on NewsOne.

Mississippi Highway Patrol Officer Hayden Falvey was cleared of all wrongdoing after a video showed the brutal arrest of Eugene Lewis, a Black driver. The post Mississippi Cop Cleared Of All Wrongdoing After Video Showed Brutal Arrest Of Handcuffed Black Driver appeared first on NewsOne.

A six-year-old boy was spotted drinking alcohol at a gas station in Butler, Ohio last Friday. His mother has been arrested. Watch the video below.

A new agreement between Minneapolis Public Schools and a teachers union could result in white teachers being fired before teachers of color. The post Conservatives Big Mad That White Teachers In Minneapolis Could Get Laid Off Before Teachers Of Color appeared first on NewsOne.

It’s time for another reading of the “Daily Horrorscope,” where Georgia Alfredas keeps it real by telling every astrological sign the harsh truth about themselves for today’s date of August 17th, 2022.

Cincinnati: A Car Crash Into A Gun Shop In North College Hill

Learn a lesson of what not to do by looking at these 10 celebrities that stupidly put themselves in positions to get hit with gun charges.

According to civil rights attorney Jill Collen Jefferson leaked audio of former Lexington Police Chief Sam Dobbins is the tip of the iceberg. The post ‘Jim Crow Never Left’: Black Residents Sue Mississippi Police Department For Civil Rights Violations appeared first on NewsOne.

Inspired by 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather burying their epic beef, take a look at 10 celebrity feuds that also ended to everyone's delight.

The photo, which was originally drawn by editorial cartoonist Terry Mosher (aka Aislin) in 2020, pictured Trump wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood as he stands at a podium across from Biden. The post Fired Flight Attendant Sues Delta For Racial Discrimination Over Anti-Trump Social Post appeared first on NewsOne.