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We’re finally getting a peek inside Serena Williams‘ fairytale wedding, and it  is lovely! Serena and her man Alexis Ohanian have finally tied the knot, and their wedding was nothing less than magical. The couple had an unplugged wedding to prevent any social media leaks, but Vogue has been kind enough to share these shots […]

According to a new study (that’s how most bad news starts) women are most likely to cheat on their husbands between 6 and 10 years into a marriage.  The study suggests that in the early and late stages of marriage women are more likely to stay faithful.  Between 6 and 10 years they are likely […]

If your man is holding off on marriage it may not be because he doesn’t want to marry you. It may be because he wants your marriage to last.  Researchers at Emory University Surveyed over 3000 Currently or previously married people. They found that dating one or two years significantly dropped the likelihood of divorce […]

Mary J. Blige wants her estranged husband, Kendu Isaacs, to chip in on settling their debts. Just days after a judge tabled Kendu’s request for a spousal support increase, Mary has filed new court documents stating that she wants him to pay her nearly $6 million to help fix their financial woes. reports that […]

The activist's daughter got married in a beautiful Queen's ceremony.

The pair has been inseparable since they fell in love on the set of Monica's 'Love All Over Me' music video.

If you fear that your mate is going to cheat on you there may be an easy way to tell just by looking at his face. Scientists believe they have a new way to determine if someone is prone to cheating. They say that the shape of the face could be a determining factor as […]

A court in China wants to make sure that couples seeking a divorce are truly ready to end their marriage. The court has set up an exam that helps determine if a marriage is past the point of no return. A husband and wife must fail the test in order for the court to approve […]

These two lovebirds are gracing the red carpet with style and love.