The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Summer Games may have been delayed by a year, but the Black women Olympians competing for gold certainly won't be denied.

The 2021 Olympic Opening Ceremony featured bright and innovative fashions.

Step you beauty game up with the help of some of our must-have essentials.

Actress Issa Rae just hit us with a mean curveball. The Insecure actress took to Instagram with some photos with her hubby Louis Dame fully decked out in a wedding dress. Is this the real deal?! Essence has recently confirmed that the surprising marriage is in fact real , “THIS IS NOT A DRILL: […]

The USA's Men's Basketball team has one job. However, on Sunday (July 25) the squad of NBA players that includes Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard lost to a Team France squad lead in scoring by Evan Fournier at the Tokyo Olympics.

Kanye West is trending after Anessa Rossi shares a story on TikTok on how Kanye West paid her $15,000 just to listen to him rant.

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