Lincoln Ware

(via: – American companies that once looked to places like Mexico and China for cheap labor are bringing those jobs back to the U.S. Why? Because prison labor is much, much cheaper. Paid between 93ยข and $4.73 per day, and collecting no benefits, prisoners are a cheap labor source for about 100 companies (source). […]

It’s been quite a week for the Lincoln Ware Show, as Lincoln dealt with a wide range of caller comments. Some were insightful, entertaining, and some were just out of this world like the call from Marco on Tuesday. Marco called in to talk to Lincoln about the dirty talk he uses when he’s in […]

For today’s black history segment, we salute Muhammad Ali. Boxer, philanthropist and social activist Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali became a Golden Gloves champion in 1959, and became an Olympic gold medalist the following year. Ali won all of his bouts in the 1960s, […]

On This day in black history… Smith v. Allwright, the Supreme Court rules that a “white primary” law that excludes African Americans from voting is a violation of the 15th Amendment and thus unconstitutional. Click here to read more. Previous Black History Articles April 23rd

On This day in black history… Inventor Granville T. Woods was born in Columbus Ohio. Woods was known for receiving more than 35 patents including those for a steam boiler furnace, an incubator, and an automatic air brake. Click here to read more. Recent Stories: Police Investigating Apparent Murder in East Price Hill Police Look […]

Yesterday, during the Lincoln Ware Show, one of the most renowned voices of our time, and the first african-american women to operate a San Fransisco cable car talked to Lincoln Ware. Dr. Maya Angelou called in to the show, emphasizing the importance of voting in this year’s election. She was telling stories of her parents […]