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The latest celebrity spotted sporting a hoodie in support of Trayvon Martin.  Thank you Prince!

Have you heard about the novel ” The Hunger Games’? The book turned into a novel made $155 million dollars in it’s first week end release.  Wait. For. It. The Hunger Games is a young adult novel written by Suzanne Collins.  It is written in the voice sixteen-year-old Katniss Evergreen  who lives in a post- apocalyptic  world in the country […]

UPDATED — 2/1/2012: The death of Don Cornelius, reported today, is an opportunity to reflect on his legacy. Last year marked the 40th anniversary of his iconic TV series, Soul Train, the brainchild of the legendary executive producer and host. In the past two years, there’s been a VH-1 documentary, a dance party at New […]

We always knew Jamie Foxx had a few dance moves. But he’s never let on that he could dance so well in his briefs! SEE ALSO: Need A Passport Photo? There’s An App For That! Listen To Destiny’s Child & Beyonce’s Hometown Playlist! What’s Drake’s Favorite Vacation Destination? TMZ says they unearthed a home video […]

Recently, I was asked to promote National HIV Testing Day (June 27th) and came across the startling statistics regarding Black women. So of course, I got to thinking: Why are our numbers continuously rising when the overall numbers of those infected have remained somewhat steady, if not declining? And despite what most people would have […]

The mission was to get Osama Bin Laden for ten years and the efforts were redoubled when President Obama instructed NAVY SEALs he wanted Osama delivered dead. But many people don’t know what NAVY SEALs are or what they do. U.S. attack helicopters crossed from Afghanistan into Pakistan on Sunday and inserted an elite Navy […]

In this NewsOne clip from today’s 2011 National Action Network convention coverage, former presidential advisor David Axelrod thrills the audience with a little-told story about an exchange he had with President Barack Obama during the darkest days of the multiple crises faced by the administration. RELATED: Top Five Things To Watch For At Sharpton’s NAN […]

New York– The Steve Harvey Foundation raised over $600,000 for the philanthropic entertainer’s mentoring program at last night’s  2nd annual Steve Harvey Gala held in the Cipriani Wall Street in NYC. The spirited event was co-hosted by Steve Harvey and The View‘s Sherri Shepherd.  Harvey addressed the audience with a very genuine and inspirational tone […]

HOUSTON — The game was better suited for a dusty old gym than a state-of-the-art stadium – the offense and shooting more the stuff of a long-ago era than 2011. The championship trophy? Well, that will look good in the case up at UConn, where a season of perseverance closed with an 11-game winning streak […]

We asked the Whispers Prince or Michael Jackson? Take A Look!

We at NewsOne are happy to present our loyal readers with our newest video franchise, “On The Corner.” On The Corner is our latest video franchise where we take our cameras to predominantly Black neighborhoods across New York City to get the pulse of our people on the issues affecting them. Our first video episode […]

Ten Oregon high school football players remain hospitalized as they’re treated for a rare soft-tissue condition that has school authorities puzzled. Eighteen McMinnville High School athletes experienced “compartment syndrome,” which caused soreness and swelling in their triceps and high levels of creatine kinase, a protein that can harm the kidneys. Three players had surgery to […]