Looking Black

Beverly Hills, Calif. – Leaders from throughout southern California joined the Rev. Al Sharpton as the National Action Network (NAN) kicked off Black History Month…

As soon as I heard the news that Fred Shutlesworth had passed away, I knew that I needed to talk to Andrew M. Manis. Andrew spent 10 years writing, arguably, the definitive biography on the late Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, ” A Fire That You Can’t Hold”  If you flip to the back jacket of the […]

Black History month starts today. An alumnus of the University of Chicago with  many friends in the city, Carter G. Woodson traveled from  Washington, D.C.…

The legendary Smokey Robinson has been a pillar in the African American music scene since the inception of Motown. Follow us as we celebrate Smokey Robinson during this Black History month.

Althea Gibson was the first african american to win in the US Open, paving the way for Venus and Serena. Follow us as we celebrate Althea during Black History Month.

Taraji P. Henson is one of today's brightest African-American actresses stacking up a long list of movie credits and awards. Her story and accomplishments are highlighted here in honor of Black History Month.

We honor Denzel Washington for Black History Month 2010 for his vast contributions to the arts as one of our greatest American actors. How well do you think you know Denzel? Take our trivia quiz and test your "fanism."

Angela Davis Black Activist and legendary Black Panther, still is active today speaking and uplifting the African American community. Follow us as we celebrate Angela Davis.

We all know Judge Greg Mathis from his TV Court show, but do we really know Judge Greg Mathis? Check out his story of triumph here.

The first African American to be a division head in the Dept. of State (1945), he entered the United Nations in 1946 as director of the Trusteeship Division. For more information visit our Celebrate Black History page.

Vonetta Flowers will go down in the history books as the first African American male or female to win a medal in the Winter Olympics. Read her story and check out some footage from her historical day.

Diahann Carroll master of stage and screen has paved the way for all African American actors making strides in areas unheard of for her time. She has went from being the first African American female to have her own television series; to being the first African American actress to star on the legendary TV show Dynasty. Diahann Carroll is definitely a legend of her time and we celebrate her during Black History Month.