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Own the complete collection of Black American Stamps!

In the past 70 years, over 100 accomplished Black Americans have been honored on U.S. postage stamps that are no longer sold at the post office, and are becoming increasingly hard to find.

The Black Heritage Commemorative Society has acquired a limited supply of all these original, uncirculated stamps in exquisite, mint condition and is making them available to collectors, set on deluxe 9″ x 10″ biography cards with vintage photographs.

When you order the Complete Collection of Black American Stamps you will receive your first shipment for $23.85 plus 4.50 shipping & handling. This shipment includes a FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. original mint-condition stamp and collector’s biography card, plus the Harriett Tubman, Jackie Robinson, and Paul Laurence Dunbar original mint-condition stamps and collector’s biography cards.

Thereafter, each month you will receive a new shipment for the regular price of $23.85 plus 4.50 shipping & handling, containing 3 more original mint-condition stamps and three more collector’s biography cards, until your collection is complete.