The youth and young adults in attendance at this past weekend’s Joyfest 2010 concert at Kings Island got more than just a few thrills from the rides and theme park attractions. One of the most energetic young vocal ensembles graced the stage and rocked the mic like never before. Who are we talking about? None other than urban gospel trio 21:03.

Want to know more about 21:03? Meet the guys by clicking the following link and tell us what you think of their sound.

Check out the fellas live onstage as they hyped the crowd up with a bit of holiness even in the heat wave. Now we couldn’t sit still either after watching this one so you might as well lace up those fresh sneakers, turn those computer speakers up and get ready for the praise party to begin.


Check out this photo gallery of our day with 21:03 at Kings Island. If you missed the show, be honest. Don’t you wish you were there, too? Post your comments if you did attend and tell us what you enjoyed the most about seeing 21:03 live onstage.

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