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Et tu, Brutè?

That’s my favorite Shakespearean quote. It’s from Julius Caesar. Caesar himself says it when, after being knifed by all the other members of the Roman senate, his homeboy, his dawg, his man likethat! Brutus, sticks a knife in.

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And you, Brutus?

After that, Caesar just goes ahead and kicks the bucket. I always thought that was the coolest way to die. If your own people can betray you, the least you can do is shame them with your death.

Of course, most people know that almost no Roman emperor left the throne without getting murked.

One of the few exceptions, Septimius Severus, was also one of the assorted African-born Roman emperors.

That’s ironic when I think that now, a man one generation removed from African soil, is probably being betrayed in the worst way since Caesar by somebody he should have known enough not to trust from the door.

Oddsmakers are already putting a line on Hillary Clinton making her own Presidential run in 2012.

Clinton has already stated that she’s finished as Secretary of State if Obama wins re-election.

That’s odd.

Yet it was Ms. Clinton in Paris two Mondays ago doing the American-sided talking to the group of nations that ended up bombing Libya.

Now, I remember my mother saying before I was even in double digits, “They only bomb brown people.”

My mother was being simplistic, even she would have admitted to this. But my mother often speaks in generalities to make a broader point.

And I don’t remember who we’d just blasted, I think it might have been Cambodia or somebody, but as if to accentuate her point, my mom started listing bombings going back to Hiroshima and Nagasaki going as far as to question who was the greater threat to mankind, Hitler or Tojo.

Of course, over time I’ve heard that it was timing that caused us to give it to the Japanese and not the Nazis.


One of the reasons that Hitler’s madness was respected and feared to the extent that it was, was that that fool had the nerve, well, gall, to actually bomb London!

Still, Germany got the ground troops while Japan got the nukes.

So the question becomes, is Hillary Clinton selling out a potential 2012 Barack Obama re-election by making the man look so incredibly callous as to himself “bomb brown people”?

Or is this just another instance of (me, this time) blaming the ineptitude of the Black man on the white… well, woman?


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