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Hundreds of local child care providers have caused quite a stir this week with recent protests and complaints about the delay in their scheduled payments for their services, but of course, there are multiple sides to the story.

This morning, more news unfolds beyond the reasons why Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services (HCJFS) has been under fire, too. If you’ve been watching the story closely, you’ll notice how the county agency explains this delay shouldn’t be as big of a surprise as its playing out to be.

The HCJFS is attempting to make it clear that the child care providers will get paid, but they apparently would also like to clear the record with additional claims that local child care providers were warned that a transition from county to state payments could delay their payments for up to 90 days. What many of us are wondering is when was this warning of the transition actually delivered to the child care providers. Some received their notices as late as yesterday.

For more on the news, check out these additional reports. Is this situation fair? What do you think should be done next? Do you know any local child care providers who have a different perspective? Share with us your thoughts and responses by posting your opinion in the comments section below.

County says Child Care Providers Knew About Delays

Day Care Providers Protest State Payment Changes

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