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Tropical Storm Agatha is now responsible for over 175 deaths throughout parts of Guatemala, Honduras and El Savador. As of this afternoon, at least 90 people have been reported missing and 69 injured, according to recent reports from the nation’s emergency agency. Guatemala is unfortunately still dealing with the effects of the Pacaya volcano which actually erupted this past Thursday night and continued through today.

Three people were crushed by falling rocks and other debris as they tried to escape the path of the volcano. Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom has declared a 15-day state of calamity after the eruption. Major destruction from the storm in addition to the volcano have suddenly created widespread chaos throughout the nation including mudslides destroying homes and buildings collapsing on some victims. This is also the first named storm for the Pacific’s current hurricane season which actually just began on Tuesday.

For more on the story, stop by CNN.com today. After catching up on the coverage Cincinnati, here’s where you can get involved. What can we do to offer our support for the people of the surrounding areas of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador? Post your responses to the story via the comments section below, but also remember to say a pray for all of those suffering across the world in the meantime.

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