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Fabulous! Fashionable! And best friends forever! That’s what the ladies of Sex & The City have become over the years and this week, we finally got a peak inside the lives of the women we’ve come to know and love like our own best girlfriends. I saw hundreds of divas in training, a few fashion faux pas and good mix of blended audience types sitting in the theaters last week and I’m sure many more of them got all dolled up to catch the sequel we’ve been dying for since we heard rumors about it shortly after the SATC movie first came out.

Personally, I loved the film and wasn’t ashamed to literally be the only guy in the theater last week. The man at the box office must’ve felt it necessary to make it a point to say something about it, but I’m glad he was just as excited as I was to see it, too. So here’s a big shout out to the men who stopped by the theaters this weekend for more than just a chick flick experience.

If I’m cut from a different cloth, I came by it honestly being raised by not one, not two, but three phenomenal women in my life who taught me to be open-minded and take each experience as a moment to learn, grow and develop beyond my comfort zone or the perceived notion that the average man wouldn’t enjoy this film. I think the movie was a great way to round out the journey of the four women I’ve learned so much about in the last few years since tuning into the show then seeing the movie itself.

The Sex & The City craze has given me a whole new appreciation for women’s fashion and the friendships established, nurtured and maintained amongst the ladies we see on the streets everyday. If I wasn’t a fan before – and trust me, I was – then I surely am a fan now.

From Charlotte’s adorable yet pessimistic worries to Miranda’s newfound appreciation for life and extreme fun, then Samantha’s bold catchphrases and hyper-sexualized behavior (doesn’t she act like the jock you couldn’t get enough of in high school? Such a dude in a dress! Ha!) and Carrie’s hopeless romanticism, the women on Sex & The City reflect the varying personalities of everyday women – or the women they wish they were deep down inside. Yes, our mothers, our sisters, our aunts, our neighbors, our best friends – they represent them all. Have you noticed any similarities already between the SATC girls and the leading ladies in your life? I sure have.

For some, the SATC2 hype was overrated and under-developed this time around. More and more of our staffers at 1230AM WDBZ The Buzz are chiming in on the subject with a different take of the sequel, but of course, we want to know if you agree. Check out what one staffer Jeri Tolliver had to say below. Is she correct?

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Sex and The City fans will be disappointed with the sequel,” said Tolliver just after the film premiered on Thursday, May 27th. “Unfortunately, the reviews are true. It’s too long, poorly written and boring.” But Tolliver’s review doesn’t end there. “If you’re looking for a good story and a romantic comedy this Memorial Day weekend, go see Just Wright with Queen Latifah and Common.”

So Cincinnati, did you take her advice this past weekend and check out any other films, too? Let us know. And if you still haven’t seen the SATC sequel, go check it out for yourself, but not before you read up on more of the 1230AM WDBZ staff onscreen review provided by another dedicated but dissatisfied SATC fan from right here in Cincinnati. Here’s more of the discussion going on at TheBuzzCincy.com.

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So Cincinnati, did you go see Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda tear up the town this weekend in Sex & The City 2? Tell us what you honestly thought of the film and this part of the SATC saga. Post your responses to the movie or each of the aforementioned reviews in the comments section below and share your feelings with the rest of the TheBuzzCincy.com audience.