I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Sex and The City Fans will be disappointed with the sequel.

      Unfortunately, the reviews are true. It’s too long, poorly written, and boring. What has been endearing about SATC- friendship and fashion – left  fun out of  a  movie that seems to be trying way too hard.  Sure, it has it’s moments  While it opens with what made SATC so loveable,  the girls that grew into women, bonded as friends,  and supported each other through life passages has turned out to defy the adage with age comes wisdom.

C’mon….Samantha, really? I’m all for adventure but isn’t there a point in your life – well I can’t say because this is a family friendly website.

     I agree with the reviewer that said in this economy the movie makes no sense. It’s a little shallow, self-indulgent and shrill- and I’m a SATC super fan.

     If you’re looking for a good story, and a romantic comedy this Memorial Day weekend, go see Just Wright  with Queen Latifah and Common.  



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