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This week, Louisiana officials are more than irritated with the lack of urgent response they’re getting from BP, the Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers. An astounding 34 days after the major oil spills began in the Gulf of Mexico, officials are now beginning to respond on their own to the action which many feel should’ve already been in place.

Prior to yesterday’s press conference with Louisiana officials, BP had already promised to address the long-term needs of everyone affected by the spill, especially commercial fishermen. They’ve been slow to respond to both the results of the spill and the financial obligations of those men and women attempting to continue making a living in the area.

They’ve even been slow to respond to the animals who are being impacted by the oil spills. The Louisiana state bird and other familiar species are suffering just as much as the residents of the surrounding areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

Serious doubts remain concerning BP’s current legal maneuvering to have all spill-related cases litigated. Many people affected by the spill are ready to take matters into their own hands. All who spoke at the press conference laid heavy blame on BP and pledged to hold it accountable for unlimited financial responsibility. Do you agree?

To find out more about the oil spill and how Louisiana is already responding, click here to read additional reports.

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