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If you were born into a devout Christian family then raised as the consummate church girl, this one might raise a few eyebrows. This morning, I stumbled across a unique perspective from a young lady who participated in last Sunday afternoon’s African Americans for Humanism conference at the Center for Inquiry on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The organization hosted four to five dozen non-believers – the largest gathering of African-American atheists in history.

What’s unique about the story is that common experiences are beginning to show just how strong the grasp of Christianity has on black culture. To those who share opposite viewpoints and don’t believe in whatever higher powers that may be, they’re beliefs often become ostracized by the church-going community. It’s fair to say that there is a need for this type of assembly. Why? Because of course, there’s nothing wrong with gathering to discuss or highlight the fellowship of like-minded types from around the country. I mean, don’t Christians gather every Sunday morning for similar reasons?

Enough said on our end, so how about you check out the story at TheRoot.com and then come back here to tell us what you think of the details presented regarding atheists, agnostics and the prevalence in within black culture.

How does this impact your own beliefs? Even for the brothers searching for a good woman these days, does her faith have to reflect yours, too? Don’t forget to post your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.