Amidst the rain, clouds and cold, this past weekend was full of energy in downtown Cincinnati as R&B/soul music fans packed out the Mixx Ultra Lounge for “An Intimate Evening” starring singer/songwriter Chrisette Michele for one night only.

The young diva (and we mean that in every positive way possible) is always on the road and had just left our Radio One Indianapolis family’s annual Women’s Empowerment series where she shut down her live set for the groves of guests participating in the event. But today’s top artists like Chrisette Michele have taken heed to the legends by booking gigs across the country in other cities besides primary markets thus creating greater exposure for their musical endeavors. So that’s how Cincinnati ended up with a great show for the weekend lineup of musical experiences.

Just in case you didn’t make it in the door that night or if you couldn’t see what we saw from the main floor of Mixx, here’s a snippet of Chrisette Michele’s 40-minute set. Listen (and watch) closely as she sings her heart out on the tune that’s been a hit with the ladies since day one. Chrisette Michele always represents for the women, but make sure you catch the crowd singing along with to “Blame It On Me” from the singer’s sophomore album Epiphany.


If you were there, let us know how much you enjoyed the show and your intimate night with Chrisette Michele.