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The Widmer trial sounds like a made-for-tv movie.  Now that second trial and jury selection is underway,  they’re having a hard time  finding jurors.  When you think about it, how can  people in highly publicized criminal cases, get a fair trial? This case, like many others are played out in front us on radio, television, in newspapers and online. We hear what we want to hear and we draw a conclusion. We make a judgement. We make judgements because we’ve been fooled before.

When children go missing, we suspect the parents. When wives go missing, it’s the husband. When husbands go missing, it’s the wife and her boyfriend.  

Ryan Widmer’s retrial is underway. Most of us weren’t in the courtroom during his first trial, we only read about the evidence. We only heard about the testimony. We only saw snapshots through the lens of a television camera or heard updates during a one miniute news story– but we  have an opinion about his guilt or innocence.  If we’re  being honest,  hearing the charges formed an opinion.

  Could you put aside what you’ve seen and heard and serve on his jury?

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