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Although the weather has been chilly and rainy throughout the last few days, there’s a brand new reason to enjoy spring’s arrival. It’s all because a growing number of employers across the nation are beaming with confidence at the economic gains made recently according to new reports from With many of those same employers from within the Fortune 500 once again hiring up to 60,000 new and/or former employees, the sun is indeed shining for many of us still looking for good-paying jobs.

The last few years have caused many of us to either lose security in our jobs’ comfort zones. Some of us who were jolted by the widespread layoffs even took the giant leap of faith and joined others in the entrepreneurial spirit. Those of us who went months without steady income have proven that even in adversity, there’s still money to be made and an underdeveloped skill to be nurtured into a lucrative business. Granted it still feels great to be able to say you’re employed and you actually do have a “good job.”

So this spring, as the flowers bloom and we head into the heat of the summer, I ask you, Cincinnati and readers from abroad, what are you doing to maintain your positions and excel in them? If you’re looking for a job, what has your search been like so far? If you started your own business or you’re still waiting on callbacks from a recent interview, what are you anticipating for the future as the nation’s outlook on jobs brightens up?

How does all of this affect you personally? Post your thoughts, vent about the economy and tell us what you do (or wish to do) for a living this year.

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