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Via TheGospelNewsWire.com

News headlines across the country are becoming more and more negative and devastating as the days go by. One week there’s a horrific shooting in Chicago, IL. The next week there’s something wild happening in Atlanta, GA. Even just last month, an extremely dim picture depicted the way of life for and the future of Black youth in Washington, D.C. You might even be able to recognize a similar situation in your own neighborhoods.

“A deadly burst of bullets kills 3, leaving 6 wounded,” declared the biggest headline on the front page of a leading newspaper in bold letters. Hardly unique of D.C. What’s scary is that so many other cities across the nation share these same horror stories and depressing headlines far too often.

These types of patterns are the kind that must compel our local churches in some way to help steer our black youth in the right direction instead of allowing them to be neglected, ultimately ending up in the streets, dead or in prison. Today, the three major Black Methodist denominations want to stop that by any means necessary. The American Methodist Episcopal (AME), African Methodist Episcopal Zion (AME Zion) and Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) emerged from a joint conference in North Carolina last month with an action plan that just might prove to be what this country and our local churches need.

Find out full details of the plan to bring our churches and our communities back together by visiting the GospelNewsWire.com. Post your comments and responses below.

How do you feel about the local support from churches and faith-based organizations represented in our city? Are we doing enough?

Are there any flaws that you see in the programming set forth by  the new black church and community merge? What else do you believe can be done or suggested to save our youth?