A great deal of concerns for the safety of American journalists, crew members and reporters has everyone buzzing for details and information on the recent attacks in Cario, Egypt involving CNN reporter Anderson Cooper and a handful of others on site.

According to updates from TMZ, Copper was not the only one punched and attacked by the angry mob of Mubarak supporters early this morning. ABC’s Christiane Amanpour was also involved an attack in the city.

Read what she had to say below about her attack.


Unfortunately it gets worse. Watch as Katie Couric attempts to report despite the loud protests from the crowd below.

Anderson Cooper makes his round of updates despite angry crowds and attacks in Egypt.


Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak Announces He Will Not Run for Re-Election

Mr. Mubarak’s announcement comes after President Barack Obama urged him not to run, effectively withdrawing American support for its closest Arab ally, according to American diplomats in Cairo and Washington.

Why Americans Should Care About Egypt

Listen to the recent audio clip of Muslim human rights lawyer Arsalan Iftikhar on the TJMS discussing with Roland Martin why Americans need to pay attention to the unrest in Egypt.

Internet Out, Mobile Apps Still Running in Egypt Unrest

Four days after the Egyptian government ordered Internet service providers to disconnect from the web, the unrest continues.

President Barack Obama Urges Mubarak Not to Run Again

A back channel message, authorized directly by Mr. Obama, appears to tip the administration beyond the delicate balancing act it has performed in the last week.

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