One of the reasons, I think, that America is so obsessed with celebrity isn’t because we worship them, it’s because we’re looking for flaws.

We wanna see cellulite on Kim Kardashian’s ass or we wanna hear how lousy a husband Steve Harvey was to his ex-wife just so that we can feel better about ourselves by comparison.

Similarly, there’s always a rush to believe that a Black man stands guilty of anything that he’s been accused of no matter what the charge or crime.

American Black men are boogeymen. That’s our designated role.

But why is this the case?

Well, any racist knows deep down that his position is illogical so he’s always in search of “evidence” to back his preposterous ideology.

This means that any time a Black man stands accused, some racist somewhere is excitedly screaming “See!” and feeling that his point has been proven (again).

So it only makes sense that Brooklyn nun Mary Turcotte fabricated a tale and suggested that instead of the consensual sex that she actually had with some random bodega guy, she was raped by a 6’4″ Black man between the ages of 40-50.

All she was doing was giving the people what they wanted.

Every stereotype that gets dumped onto Black people is actually a trait of the folks that invented the stereotype.

We were:

  1. Called lazy by people that made us work for free
  2. Called thieves by people that stole this land from the Indians
  3. Called sexual degenerates by our rapists

It’s all a game, and it’s been played already to perfection by Susan Smith, Charles Stuart and Bonnie Sweeten just to name a very small few.

The only question becomes; are the people that falsely accuse Blacks of crimes racist themselves?

Well, my answer would be this: you don’t have to use crack to sell it.

In fact, often times, the best salesmen are those that wouldn’t touch the stuff.

So no, the lying accusers are not necessarily racists, they just know what sells.

Think about that the next time that celebrated oxycontin junkie Rush Limbaugh says something so offensive that it makes you wanna hurl.

Cause if you think that after all the money he’s made and all the attention he’s garnered lately that ol’ Rush isn’t absolutely in love with Barack Obama, you’ve still haven’t learned the game.


Is it ok for Black people to be racist?

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