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Two people who protested outside the Cincinnati home of U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus said they wish no harm on any lawmaker who voted for President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.


Michael Disalvo and his wife stood in the rain outside Driehaus’ home Sunday morning.


Driehaus reported receiving a death threat last week phoned to his Washington, D.C., office, and a Cincinnati online newsletter gave the Democrat’s home address, urging a protest at his home Sunday because he voted for the bill.


Disalvo said he doesn’t think the legislation does enough to ensure that it won’t allow federal funding of elective abortions.


It wasn’t immediately clear if Driehaus was home. Two cars were in the driveway but no house lights were on.


A police car drove by the scene, where Disalvo and his wife held rosaries and prayed on the sidewalk.


Later on, Libertarian congressional candidate Jim Berns came to Driehaus’ home to protest.


When News 5 photographers stopped by, Berns was the only protester there. However, most of the people who drove by honked their horns loudly at Berns and screamed profanities at him.


Berns’ protest included stuffed animals, toys and bikes, meant to evoke thoughts about children. Berns said he was disappointed in Driehaus’ vote on the reform bill because it would destroy the next generation’s future. The protest also featured a “casket” with an American flag draped over it to symbolize that lost future.


Berns said that Driehaus did come out to talk to him. Apparently the flag-draped “casket” was originally in the street, and Driehaus reminded Berns that the American flag is never supposed to touch the ground.