Just yesterday as there was news of Councilwoman Laketa Cole taking a job with the Ohio Public Utilities Commission, there is already an online buzz on who should replace her.  Supporters of former council candidate, Bernadette Watson, started a facebook page  pushing for her to replace Laketa Cole on City Council.  Although names are coming up on Laketa Cole’s replacement, whoever replaces her won’t begin until June 7th, the day Cole starts her new job.

Supporters of Watson shouldn’t celebrate just yet.  Jane Pendergrast, of the Enquirer, recently spoke with Hamilton County Democratic chair Tim Burke about the appointment. Although he said little about the subject, he did say that a lot can happen between now and June.  There are also rumors of other possible replacements such as former councilman Greg Harris and former candidate Wendell Young.   Who do you think should replace Laketa Cole? Leave your comments below.

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