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So with the Marvin Lewis staying in Cincinnati does that mean that a change is coming to the Bengals. Its well noted and well documented that Mike Brown as an owner and GM of the Cincinnati Bengals has been sub-par to say the least, and the debacle of the 2010 season has only exploited that. Yes, it was fun when all the attention was on the team during the summer with reality shows and the signing of T.O, and then reality set when we had to play football.

Marvin Lewis knew that in order to win in the AFC North against the Steeler and the Ravens every year the structure of how the Bengals operate would have to change.  To compete in the NFL your team has to be the main focus. Now back in 2005 when Ocho was a Johnson, and Carson was a QB that team had chemistry on the field. You can see they all were hungry they did the little things needed to win, and they had the attitude of the city they were representing. It was fun to be a Bengal and then when Carson tore his knee the team went away with it.

It felt like the team all of sudden we became Snookie off Jersey Shore, they tasted the national spot light they tasted the extra money us as fans were throwing to the team and they forgot what they were suppose to do. Now to keep the peace Marvin has tried not to publicly embarres the “cancers” of the team but identify them situationally. In return the owner has sided with the players over and over again but now that fans are no longer paying it seems that Coach Lewis was able to get what the city has wanted for over 20 years someone else to direct the team.

Marvin has always wanted more scouts to find better talents, more control over player personel and better facilites recruit better free agents. So with 49ers and others showing that there is a demand for Coach Lewis for him to stay in Cincinnati could only mean a change in the organization. Coach Lou Holtz said it best at some point you just get tired of losing and with Marvin that seems to be the case, with Mike Brown he was tired of losing money, so it seems like Cincinnati at the end of the day is the winner.