After an all white sorority beat an all Black set of step teams for the Sprite Step-Off Coca-Cola is announcing plans to award a second team with prize money, calling the competition a tie.

Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Tau Chapter will be awarded $100,000 after being named co-winners with members of Zeta Tau Alpha’s Epsilon Chapter.

Zeta Tau Alpha’s win last weekend sparked controversy after the all white team beat out six Black fraternities and six Black sororities for the top spot.

Afte reviewing scoring materials Coca-Cola claims there was a “scoring discrepancy” and made the decision to award the Alpha Kappa Alpha team.

They released a statement saying,

“Due to the extremely narrow margin between the first and second place winning sororities, we conducted a further post-competition review and discovered a scoring discrepancy. There is no conclusive interpretation, nor definitive resolution for the discrepancy.”

Scoring discrepancy or just an attempt to cool down controversy?

Hmmmm…I wonder.

Zeta Tau Alpha

Delta Sigma Theta

Alpha Phi Alpha

Alpha Kappa Alpha

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